HESO (Hearthands Solutions)

HeSo is a dynamic company bridging the gap between commercial and public /EU funding ecosystems. 
Its current activities are focused on training through innovative methodologies for E&M learning, personalised training approaches utilising opinion mining, sentiment analysis and augmented reality technologies and informal learning through the creation of dynamic online communities by matching desire to learn with passion to teach.
In terms of continuous improvement activities, Hearthands has established a Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) process as a separate work-package for the improvements of the services, on the following main directions: 
  • knowledge dissemination through the development and application of the integrated strategic communication process supported by targeted online and offline activities
  • promotion of Serious Games in Lifelong Learning through the utilisation of serious games for the advancement of key competencies, 
  • sustainable project results through the introduction of sustainability requirements in the early stages of design and exploitation resulting from targeting public and commercial opportunities throughout the project life, 
  • and quality assurance methodologies and tools focused on targeted quality metrics and best practices/lessons learned programmes.
Website: www.hearthands-solutions.eu