The Consortium


FAPEL - Umbrella organisation of the Luxembourg Parents’ Associations

FAPEL (Fédération des Associations de Parents d'Elèves du Luxembourg) is committed to the legal recognition of parents as legitimate partners of schools and the education system in Luxembourg. It campaigns for the recognition of parental structures by the political class and society as the living forces of the nation. FAPEL´s missions include listening and advising on the education of children, providing educational information and school news, training for parents, collaboration with educational partners, and the representation of parents before school and national authorities. FAPEL represents Luxembourg parents' associations & committees in the country's Basic & Secondary education. FAPEL has been recognized by the Luxembourg government as a public utility organization.

    European Parents Association (EPA), Belgium

    EPA has been the only European-level organisation representing parents as a stakeholder group in education since its foundation in 1985. 

    Fundaja Mapa Pasji (MAPA), Poland

    The Map of Passions Foundation (MAPA) was established in 2016 in Poland. Its mission is Discovering the Mysteries of Places – and the Passions of their Inhabitants.

    Hearthands Solutions Ltd (HeSo), Cyprus

    HeSo is a dynamic company focusing on training activities through innovative methodologies for E&M learning and personalised training approaches.


    IDEC is a training consulting company. Its activities consist of training, management consulting, quality assurance, evaluation, research, innovation and development of ICT solutions for both private and public sector. 

    KISMC Association, 

    KISMC is a non-profit organisation playing its role in shaping the innovation ecosystem through the participation in projects/initiatives with educational, social and economic focus at a national, EU and International level.

    University of Galway, Ireland 

    The University of Galway is the largest and oldest university based in the West of Ireland, 
    employing in excess of 2,000 staff. It's research & teaching infrastructure  is well-established, of world calibre and strongly supported.