IO1 - Training programme: Creative Thinking for parents

The first Intellectual Output will be a training programme for parents of school-aged children. The main aim of the output is to develop the creative thinking skills and competences of parents of school-aged children. The training programme will be designed as face-to-face or virtual two hours workshops, with a total duration of 20 hours. It will be divided into thematic units and will give opportunities for parents to work in teams and discuss procedures and techniques. 

IO2 - Web App CreativeParents

As a second Intellectual Output a Learning Motivation Environment will be developed in the form of a Web Application where parents can find activities to foster the development of their creative thinking skills. These “nuggets” of learning will consist of online texts, presentations, videos and also activities of a small duration, which can be implemented by parents together with their children. All these resources will be available to parents through a free web application, in which parents will be registered. 

IO3 - Parents' guide to creative thinking

The third Intellectual Output will be a parents’ guide - an interactive handbook that will give an overview on the training of creative thinking skills, including background information.